Our villa staff , Made and Illuh are the gems in the crown of Villa Alchemy. Our guests always comment on their friendly attitude, willingness to please, cleanliness, great cooking skills.

Staff generally arrive at 8am and leave at 4pm. At any time you wish to have the villa to yourself just let the girls know and after they have made up the rooms and generally cleaned and tidied they will leave you to your privacy.



Throughout Bali salaries and income are low and tipping is considered normal (providing you are happy with the service). Our guests often ask us about tipping the staff and our guideline is as follows.

Most villas charge a 5-8% service fee for the staff which we do not. We train our staff regularly on guest relations and service so if you are happy then any tip you wish to give the villa staff is greatly appreciated by them. The amount is up to you.

A basic guide for tipping staff is IDR 20,000 a day per guest. All tips are shared between staff.